XDOG™ V3 Blackout Weight and Fitness Vest

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The XDOG™ V3 Blackout Weight and Fitness Vest help improve the overall health and wellness of your dog. Great for Improving muscle strength, high energy dogs, conditioning, endurance, toning, improving speed, combat obesity, & reduce anxiety.  * Include Empty Weight Bags, Does NOT include physical weights* Its unique design features: removable and adjustable weight bags that can be filled with BBs or sand.

  • Elastic (new feature to this version of the vest)
  • Secure, snug fit (no loose rocking fit) using double straps.
  • Comfortable and stylish material to wear.
  • Front shoulder weight placement to help strengthen front legs and shoulders.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • View the size chart below to help find your size.


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