Sure Fit Bungee Collars 3/4" (Small Receiver)

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These collar straps are the best kept secret of the worlds top dog trainers who use e-collars!


These biothane collars are made exclusively by Unleashed Potential K9.   Biothane is a durable, waterproof material that is perfect for the small e-collar receivers that we use from E-Collar Technologies. The Custom 3/4" Biothane Bungee Collars also fits most brands of e collars that have a 3/4" strap. Fits: Dogtra, Tritronics, Garmin, Martin Systems, Sport Dog and many more...

 Biothane coated nylon webbing has several features that makes it an ideal material to use in these bungee collars.  It is lightweight, durable, moisture and abrasion resistant.  It is easy to clean and very flexibe.  Biothane also has antibacterial properties because the coating is impenetrable to bacteria. 


We created these bungee collars for several reasons:

- Duke often refuses to use anything else when training his dogs and clients dogs. Yup, he's now spoiled and fussy! LOL!

-To be used with small receivers (3/4") strap size.  It is meant to replace the standard buckle collar that comes with a 3/4" receiver.

-These collars maintain the constant snug fit required for e-collars while maintaining comfort for your dog.

- Creates consistent e-collar contact which makes for better communication between you and your dog while using the e-colllar. 

-Easy on and off more fussing with buckles! See video!

-Completely adjustable (removable, adjustable rivet screw to customize the perfect fit for your dog) lots of bungee cord to cut to the size you want (comes with shrink tube to prevent fraying cord).

- The collar flexes with your dogs neck allowing the dog to breath easier as the neck flexes.

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