Pro Educator 900 1/2 Mile Remote Trainer with RX-120 Receiver Upgrade

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The Pro Educator 900 is a modern e-collar designed with safety in mind, novel features like maximum stimulation setting and lock and set protect from accidental overstimulation of the dog. This 3/4 mile range e-collar is loaded with unique features making it one of the most humane and effective dog trainer collars around. The PE-900 transmitter is especially well-suited for easy operation and is small providing stealth operation when the situation requires discreteness.


This is a custom system where the larger RX-120 receiver is already been paired to the Pro Educator's traditional style transmitter (remote).  This system is especially good for larger breed dogs.

This system utilizes the proprietary “blunt stimulation” for superior results for low-level stimulation work. However, when high stimulation is needed, the Pro-Educator Remote E-Collar receiver has the highest stimulation of all the remote trainers in the full dog remote collar market.



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